This'll convince you that 'Stranger Things' Eleven grows up to be Elle Woods from 'Legally Blonde'

Mind: BLOWN!

By Bianca Mastroianni

So, this one might make you vigorously shake your head and roll your eyes so hard you see your own brain, but it's a cute theory nonetheless.

Australian writer, Kaitlyn Plyley, published a piece of fan fiction on her blog that suggests Stranger Things Eleven grows up to be Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.

The fan-fic follows Eleven as she hides her telekinetic powers by wearing pink clothes, blonde hair and the whole affect that comes with that ~look~.

She writes, "Elle surrounded herself with soft, pink things — fluffy pillows, sweet fragrances — and avoided anything that would make her seem intimidating. It took her a long time to work out that she was still trying to prove she wasn’t the monster."


Besides the obvious name (El/Elle), blonde hair, love of pink and such, there are a few things that link the two characters to each other.

- They love their food.
- They're POWERFUL as heck.
- They're at first, underestimated.
- They're different.
- They value friendship.

Etc, etc. It's an adorbs theory. Have there ever been more lovable characters on TV?