Evan Peters talks about his ~darkest~ American Horror Story character yet

And reveals his favourite season yet...

By Sammy Stewart

To celebrate the release of American Horror Story: Hotel, we found out from the main man himself, Mr Evan Peters, exactly what it takes to scare the heck outta people...

Evan, where did your character’s accent come from?

Well, he’s from the 30s and Ryan Murphy, we were talking when he first let me play Mr. March, he said, "You know who has a really good 30s accent is William Powell." I go, "Oh, OK!"

I had never heard of William Powell before and I started watching all his movies and he really does have an amazing 30s accent so this is my poor attempt at emulating that so that’s where I got it from. And also, he’s kind of creepy. He’s kind of devious, minion guy, there’s always the playing into the humor of that.

You’ve been in all five seasons, which one is your favorite? Which one was more challenging or more fun?

Well, they always get more challenging. Every year I think, "Oh, I can walk through this, this will be great," but it’s always different and it’s always harder, and there’s always something new to learn.

This one was by far is the most fun, I love playing the villain, I think it’s awesome, it’s great to torture people and not be on the receiving end of that so that’s really nice. So this has definitely been a great character and one of my favorites that I’ve played so far.

What are some of your favorite moments working with Lady Gaga? It seems like there’s the Lady Gaga that you see on TV but you guys get to spend time with her.

She’s really sweet, you know? She’s really down to earth. Just like you were talking to her, she’s just like that all the time. She’s never freaking out, never a diva, she’s really kind of amazing and a really down to earth person. But then really gets into the scenes and there’s been some times when she was really getting into it, scaring the crap out of me, you know?

It was cool! She was really going for it, it was inspiring, you know, so that was really cool. There’s a scene that we have, I think it’s in episode seven, that is really intense and she just went there and scared the hell out of me. It was cool to see her make that switch and really go there, so I guess that was mine.

Does it ever get to be ~over the top~ for you as actors?

No. No, I like bigger and more and bloodier and crazier. That’s one of the things I love about this show, you get to do the most insane crap ever and you don’t get in trouble for it!

For fans of this show, what makes this season stand out? Is it the scariest, the most glamorous?

Honestly, I think it’s definitely the bloodiest. We’ve got a lot of blood, we’ve got a lot of killing. I think it’s got a lot of the darkness from season two and season one, it has a lot of warmth in the colors in season one, like wood and there’s kind of that in this too, it’s that old school feel.

There’s a lot of ghosts and blood virus, to me it’s one of the scarier ones and all the theme it’s very dark, it’s not like season three, there’s not a lot of light heartedness and happy go lucky stuff, it’s all very dark and all the humor comes from sad places too, I think. So get ready because this wont be an easy one to watch!

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