Has Evan Peters already leaked his 'American Horror Story' character?

We see what ya did thurrrrrr.

By Sammy Stewart

If you've been experiencing symptoms of emptiness, hurt feels and frustration after every episode so far of American Horror Story: Roanoke, you're not alone.

Evan Peters' absence will do that to a girl.

Unlike any previous seasons, Evan- a main cast member- has yet to make an appearance and tbh it's becoming a bigger mystery than the Roanoke colony.

Although Evan's remained tight-lipped about everything, there's a chance he might've already given it away on his Instagram.

Viewers of AHS would be well aware that there's some weird pig obsession going on with this season, which brings us to Evan's recent IG post:

Disregard the caption cos it's 10/10 irrelevant, but why did he choose to post it with this pig?

Could Evan be the ~illusive~ Piggy Man?

If that theory doesn't convince you, there's also the whole pointy collarbone sitch that came out a few weeks ago.

In the first episode fans noticed that the unknown dirty man (Piggy Man?!) in the Forrest had similar collarbones to ya boy Evan...

While other viewers reckon that Evan could potentially be playing the IRL version of this red-haired cop, which could explain why he's dyed his hair..

What do you think? Croatan? Yas?