6 problematic things that went down during New York Fashion Week

Forget about the fashion, it’s ALL about the drama, darling.

1. Taylor Swift sung along to Calvin Harris and we don't know why.

Taylor embraced her inner Nils Sjoberg for the night.

2. Gigi Hadid confirmed that Taylor is making new music RIGHT NOW.

Lookout, @ everyone.

3. (Not problematic) but Zayn was being supportive boyfriend.

~Listens to That Should be Me.~

4. (Also not really problematic) Snapchat filters came to life on the runway.

Ho-dog is the new contour.

5. Kendall, Kylie, Jordyn Woods and Hailey Baldwin got trapped in an elevator.

6. Kanye's show was a catastrophe...

Models (who were "multiracial ONLY" @ Kanye's request) got heatstroke from the hot NY summer.