In this weeks 'social media rip-off,' Facebook has copied Snapchat's biggest feature

Why don't they all just buy each other out and stop wasting our data?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Facebook has copied Snapchat's 'facial recognition' feature

It seems like every social media app is one-upping each other lately, but instead of coming up with interesting, new features, they're stealing each others crap. LE SIGH!

Facebook has just taken a major leap in Snapchat's direction, buying tech firm FacioMetrics, which specialises in... you guessed it... facial recognition!

So basically everything that Snapchat already does.

Facebook will use their newest purchase to, "bring more fun effects to photos and videos," on the site.


Although, the company does intend to use it for other purposes as well, such as facial-recognition log ins, in order to reduce hacking.

FacioMetrics founder and chief executive, Fernando De la Torre, believes that we may even one day be able to "like" a post bvy smiling at our phone or computer. NOT GOOD. What if it's an adoring smile at all our crushes photos?!

"We're taking a big step forward by joining the team at Facebook," De la Torre said, "where we'll be able to advance our work at an incredible scale, reaching people from across the globe."