Facebook introduces Lifestage, a video app designed solely for teens

In other words, your Mum can’t be your friend.

By Amber Manto

First there was Snapchat, then came Instagram stories and now Facebook has jumped on the bandwagon and introduced its own video app, Lifestage.

It’s a stand-alone app (so separate, like Messenger) which allows you to have a video profile page, rather than a text and photo profile like on Facebook.

It works like this:

When you open the app, you'll see the start screen is your camera so you can take a vid to add to your profile. There’s also an option to add cute overlay pics.

This is a way for you to show moments in your life, plus what you like and dislike, without having to waste your time typing actual words, like Facebook forces you to do.

When you no longer want a video on your profile page, just delete it or replace it.

Lifestage is designed solely with teens in mind; when 20 or more students from your school register for the app, you’ll be able to browse through each other’s profiles. The idea is to connect you with people within your school community.

And because this app is designed to connect people within you school only, those over the age 22 can join but will only be able to see their own profile UNLESS they claim they go to the same school as you – then they can see your stuff.

^ the app's disclaimer.

As usual though, you can block/report dodgy people lurking around.

Lifestage was released today but is initially only available in US so we’ll just have to sit tight until it pops up in the Aussie App Store.