Facebook is making it easier to help at-risk friends

This is their most important update yet.

By Sammy Stewart

Seeing what you’re friends are eating for dinner, watching or feeling is a regular thing nowadays. But occasionally you might see a dark status update that looks more like a cry for help than a status update.

Rather than stressing about that person, Facebook has a brand-new feature and it’s their most important one yet.

According to the New York Times, Facebook is developing a tool on their website which will immediately send helpful information to anyone who you think needs it.

The next time you see a status that worries you, you'll be able to access a drop-down menu to flag a friend’s post if you think it could be serious. Once Facebook reviews the post, it will then provide you with suggested ways to reach out to your friend in need, and will provide your friend with helpful resources every time they log into Facebook.

There’s no word on an actual release date of this app, but props to Facebook for designing a feature which will no doubt help out people in need.

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