17 facts about Disneyland that will BLOW YER DAMN MIND

Some cool, some srsly ~cReEpY~.

By Sammy Stewart
Disneyland facts that will BLOW YER MIND

Not only is Disneyland the most ~mAgicAL~ place on Earth, but there's a WHOLE LOTTA HISTORY in that crazy place. Here are 17 mind-blowing creepy & cool facts you never knew til now.

1. A time capsule was buried outside of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle on July 17, 1955 and will be unearthed on July 17, 2035.

2. There is a basketball court inside the Matterhorn for Disney employees.

3. There is a REAL human skull in the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, sitting above the bed at the beginning of the ride.

4. The telegraph office in “New Orleans” plays a morse code version of Walt Disney’s speech on opening day.

5. The props you see in the queue for the Indiana Jones ride are actual props from the movies.

6. Disneyland uses more than 100,000 lightbulbs in Main Street.

7. The monorail in Disneyland was the first daily operating monorail in the Western Hemisphere.

8. There have been three babies born at Disneyland.

9. If you yell "Andy's Coming" Toy Story characters will DROP like they do in the movie.

10. It took 18 months to build Cinderella’s castle.

11. There are tunnels beneath the Magic Kingdom that allows cast members and employees to move throughout the park without being noticed.

12. There’s a secret suite in Cinderella’s castle where you can actually stay, but you gotta actually be invited there.


13. Club 33 is the name of the ~secret~ club in the “New Orleans” district.

14. There's a ring inside the line at the Haunted Mansion which belongs to the bride inside the ride.

15. There are about 200 feral cats who roam the park — mostly at night — which help to get rid of rodents.

16. Whenever Walt Disney would visit the Californian park, a light would appear in the fire department off Main Street.

17. Annnnndd this happened...