Watch: This mashup proves 'Fifty Shades of Grey' and 'High School Musical' are the same movie

Mind = BLOWN!

By Natasha Harding

Every Fifty Shades of Grey fan knows that the trilogy actually started out as Twilight fan fiction. Anastasia = naïve Bella and Christian = ~dangerous~ Edward, right?

But one of the internet’s finest, ElleOfTheMills, decided to compile one helluva mashup showing just how similar Fifty Shades of Grey is to another one of our all-time favourite tween movies: High School Musical.

The video is actually so good we can't help but ask whether HSM was actually the source of E.L. James' inspo, but you be the judge.

Apart from being a little screwed up from the outset (let's not forget, everyone in HSM is still in high school), the parody does deliver a LOT of lols.

Swap Christian's strange obsession for Troy's dedication to basketball, add in a lot of misunderstood frustration and the parallels between the two are actually kinda freaky.

Of course, Gabriella plays the new girl who knows zip about Troy so she asks around about him to find out - y'know, kinda like Bella's fascination with Edward?

Gabriella also can't 'think clearly' 'cause she's too busy obsessing over Troy (just like Ana was with Christian).

Troy also seems to just randomly appear when Gabriella's not expecting it, at her house, in nearby trees (like Christian and Edward) and okay the crossovers are starting to make out heads hurt.

Just do yourself a favour and watch the clip, kay?

If the snippet isn't enough, click here to see the entire thing.

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