Fitness blogger calls out #buttspo photos with her own side-by-side booty comparison

Don't be fooled by those beautiful butts.

By Sammy Stewart

It's pretty standard to feel envious when an array of gloriously perky butts have taken up 70% of your Instagram feed.

Yes, we're looking @ you, Kylie Jenner.

Butt then again, (spelling error intended) it's hard to differ what's real and what's real in today's digital age.

Finnish Youtuber and wellness blogger Sarah Puhto is calling BS on the #buttspo photos you see on social media is here to put an end to the ~illusion.~

In an informative post, Sarah- who regularly works out and follows a healthy vegan lifestyle- demonstrates how one single movement can make your booty go from 'meh' to 'DAMN SHE THICC.'

TL;DR? Basically those unattainable booty photos you see the Kardashians post don't just happen in one candid shot. They are thought through, constructed and are taken from the best angle. In other words; no one's butt looks bodacious 24/7.

This isn't the first time Sarah called out deceptive photos. Earlier this week she posted two side-by-side photos taken seconds apart to demonstrate how certain angles make you look better than others.

"Usually when I take photos I honestly take about a hundred and will pick one or two of the best ones to post where I think I look good and I'll delete the ones where I'm not ready."

"So here's one of the photos I would normally delete and pretend never happened on the left and my good flexed, posed, smiley one on the right. I wanted to post this to show another example of how Instagram shows the highlights of people's lives most of the time and how posing changes the way you look drastically."


We LOVE this girl's honesty! For more inspirational posts, check out Sarah's Instagram.