Foods to eat (and avoid) if you wanna sort out that acne situation

Eating and clear skin? Two of our favourite things.

By Amber Manto
Foods get rid of pimples

You’ve invested in every skin care product under the sun, stick to a proper routine day AND night and still pimples decide to take up residence on your face.

So what up?! Here’s where you're going wrong: by investing all that time into caring for the outside of your skin you’re really only tackling HALF the problem. You need to take care of the inside too.

SO... by eating the right foods, and steering clear of ones that are known to be the enemy of a clear complexion, you’ll be nourishing yo' skin from the inside out and on the fast train to ~FlAwLeSs~ city.

1. Drink more water

Drinking eight glasses of H20 a day is essential for good skin as it flushes out toxins and impurities. Plus, unlike all those fancy products that are srsly expenny, this is 100% FREE! Not drinking enough water will leave you dehydrated, and your skin will end up looking dull as result so this is a no-brainer really. If you struggle to make the eight glasses, carry a water bottle with you to each of your classes as this will encourage you to take constant sips.

2. Cut back on white carbs

Pasta, bread, biscuits… these are mortal enemies of your skin and increase your chances of breaking out. This is because processed carbs make your sugar levels spike, which in turn causes inflammation... which is what you don't want as then you'll get pimples. Instead, swap them for wholegrains, brown rice and quinoa as these types of carbs release energy slowly, so your sugar levels stay in check.

3. Make friends with avocado and dark berries

This natural spread is full of good fats and Vitamin E and C which will leave skin glowing and improve texture, while berries (raspberries, blueberries etc) are packed full of antioxidants for healthy skin function. Both are great breakfast foods so start the day off right.

4. Go nuts for nuts and seeds

Acne has been linked to deficiencies of minerals such as zinc and selenium why is where nuts come in. They’re full of these nutrients – especially pumpkin seeds and Brazil nuts - so keep a handful in your locker and nibble on them in-between classes. You can also add them your breakfast yoghurt or lunchtime salad.

5. Ditch the caffeine

Coffee, tea, energy drinks – they all gotta go. These contain caffeine which prevents your skin from eliminating toxins… and you know what that means? Pack your bags, you've won a trip to zit central; population you.

6. Ease up on the milk

Cow’s milk is full of hormones which are great for growing baby calves, not so much for your breakouts. This type of dairy can cause congestion in some people and evidence suggests cutting it out may help. Try it for a month and see if it works for you. If you can’t fathom the idea of giving up your milk fix completely, swap it with Oat Milk which is full of fibre and a bunch of other nutrients which are really good for your skin.

7. Switch meat for oily fish

Ok so you’re not going to turn down a beef stir-fry Mum’s spent hours slaving away on for dinner, but you can suggest one night a week the fam enjoy a seafood dinner. Oily fish (such as mackerel) is rich in Omega-3 that your skin laps up, as well of a bunch of other nutrients which fight off acne inflammation.

8. Say goodbye to refined sugar

This is basically just a fancy word for white sugar so the stuff you find in cupcakes, biscuits, chocolate... what you put in your tea etc. Y'know, the addictive stuff. When you eat this, your blood sugars levels go through the roof which can causes inflammation ie. breakouts. So it’s true eating too much chocolate can cause acne. We'll give you a few minutes to let that horrible piece of information soak in.

9. Go for eggs

This simple food is an actual superhero; packed full of protein as well as selenium and zinc. All of which help keep your complexion spot-free and help get rid of any pimples you have.

10. More garlic plz

Not just great for warding off vampires, this simple root vegie is also full of allicin - a naturally occurring chemical which helps fight off harmful bacteria and viruses that cause acne and other skin problems.

It's pretty simple really: healthy food choices = clear skin. So bet you're wondering how long it's gonna take till you start seeing results yeah?

“It takes six to eight weeks to see changes,” Naturopath Emma Sutherland tells Cosmopolitan. “Pimples can be eliminated, unless you have a hormonal issue.”

Convinced us. Where do we sign up?