People are mad as heck at this training bra advertisement

Violently rolls eyes.

By Bianca Mastroianni

While one mother in France - Florence Braud - was shopping for a training bra for her 12-year-old daughter, she discovered this god-awful advertising on this DIM product.

The bra claims to "erase imperfections" and we're wondering how a 12-year-old or any young lass wearing a training bra has any imperfections...

The tag had written that it will "erase imperfections," and "smooth out the shape," for a bra in size 70A.

If you're wondering WTH 70A is (French measurements are diff), it's the smallest size available.

"It saddened me to see that, so soon, she was already suffering the threats [of] femininity," Florence told BuzzFeed News.

Many people have spoken out on Twitter, criticizing Dim Paris for their weird marketing.

Translation: "Hello @DIMparis. So according to you, 12-year-old girls have 'imperfections' that should be smoothed out?"

Translation: "Are the imperfections — nipples?"

Translation: "What imperfections?"

Translation: "Thanks Dim Paris for teaching little girls that their breasts are 'imperfections'."

Now, a spokesperson from the brand has violently backtracked, claiming that, "When we said imperfections, we meant clothing and non-physiological imperfections. This is to erase imperfections materials — folds, overlays, etc. — to make the product smooth and harmonious under clothing."

Let a girl grow her bewbs in peace plz.