Transgender YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous comes out as a lesbian

There's no better feeling than being truly loved and accepted for who you are.

By Sammy Stewart

YouTube and transgender star Gigi Gorgeous has announced via her channel that she is a lesbian.

In the video, Gigi - who's previously identified as a straight female- explains: "I never thought that I would be making this video, because I always thought that I'd be with a man."

She adds: "But after everything I've gone through – the two other coming out videos I've made, one in high school as a gay man and one as a transgender female, I thought that I was done... I said 'Why am I feeling this way towards a girl? What's going on, you know? I've lived this long and I thought that I knew who I was attracted to."

Gigi goes on to explain that her GF of six months Nats Getty is the person who opened her eyes to her sexual identity.

"I fell in love with somebody and that person happens to be female... I haven't been shy about showing her on my YouTube channel, because I'm not embarrassed. I feel extremely proud of the person that I've fallen in love with and I feel so lucky... I've never experienced this feeling until I met this girl and that's how I know that I'm a lesbian."

Go Gigi!