Vlogger attempts to curl hair with ~tampons~

Perfect for when you're on your period...

By Grace Back

If you've ever watched a tutorial on hair curling, you're pretty familiar with how it begins: plug in a curling iron and...

Or maybe you steer clear of curling irons because you've seen this horrific clip...

Well, vlogger grav3yardgirl (IRL name Rachel Meyer or Bunny) took a quirky turn from the traditional beauty vlog. In the past Meyer has used both marshmallows and Cheetos to curl her hair, but this time she used ~tampons~.

The challenge was - could she create a head full of curls with just a jumbo box of tampons and a pack and a half of bobby pins.

Obvi, you should probs not use this as your go-to method IRL. Tampons are super exxy and as Bunny quickly discovered, not easy to use.

"Don't ever do this," she says in the video. "It is so time-consuming. It is so difficult. And there's no reason a tampon should ever touch your ear. It's very hard to concentrate when tampon strings keep tickling your nose."

She was pretty pleased with the effect overall. "Tampons make wonderful curls," she admits, noting that this was the most time-consuming way you could possibly go about creating this look.

If you happen to have two hours spare and a few boxes of jumbo tampons, feel free to give this technique a whirl. As for us? We'll be sticking to our boring old 15 min curling routine.

Sad face.