Girl gets bullied for her formal dress, but continues to slay the night away

Absolute KWEEN!

By Bianca Mastroianni

Tayja Jones was totally feelin' her look for her formal, and bae we can totally see why...

Absolute KWEEN!

Not many of us can pull off that kind of sparkle game.

Tayja twerked the night away with her friends, basically having the best night ~ever~.

Sadly, Tayja woke up to the realisation the world can be a nasssssty place; her formal pic had gone viral with an array of mean comments.

"There were just like so many rude remarks and negative comments about how I looked," she told Fox news. "People I didn't know just like, 'That dress is not for her, she looks like a fat something.'"

"It was just really hurtful because I was so confident the day before and it just changed my view of myself," she added.

Not on.

But just when we were about to lose all faith in humanity, the good Samaritans of the world piped up and restored allllll the love.

#TeamTayja all the dayum way.

"You should know who you are inside and the outside shouldn't affect the inner you," Tayja said after reading some of the beautiful tweets. "Just stay strong."