This girl witnessed the most horrific date of all time and live-Tweeted the entire thing

Warning: you may want to give up dating altogether after reading this.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Girl live-Tweets the worlds worst date

We've all heard our fair share of 'world's worst dates', heck, we may have even been on some of them. But, we guarantee this'll probably be in the top five of worst.dates.EVER!

While Twitter user Kelly Fine was enjoying herself some sushi, she witnessed an absolute atrocity going on next to her, and decided to live-Tweet the entire thing.


Off to a horrible start already, the guy was then awfully rude to the waiter which is always a bad sign.

THIS gross comment that we're half glad didn't get repeated.

He travels, of course.

At this point, we'd probably have thrown our sushi at him...

Ain't nobody talk about someone's mother like this...

She found out his 'promotional tour' was for his DJ career...

It's official: the salmon on that sushi would have been a better date.

Reminder to us all that people like this exist, and if you're ever on a date with someone so gross, permission to spike their lemonade with soy sauce is granted. Ew.