This girl was locked out of class for wearing LEGGINGS and we just can't

So much #NOPE.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Girl was locked out of class for wearing leggings

In what is probably the most ridiculous thing you'll read today/all week, 16-year-old girl US student Josephina was locked out of her classroom at school for wearing... LEGGINGS!


This is her, and her mother Deanna.

Josephina was pulled out of class and put in a room by herself, told that she couldn't leave until somebody brought her "something appropriate to wear." A friend's mum brought a pair of jeans, but THIS was the ~awful~ and ~revealing~ outfit:

They should be more worried about that top though, I mean, a bit of her NECK IS SHOWING...

Josephina's mum, Deanna spoke to about the atrocity. "[She said] 'Mum, they're telling me that boys are more important than me. They're telling me that wearing a pair of leggings, showing that I have actual legs and a butt oh my God, distracts boys, which makes them more important than me. This is insane.'"

More than insane.

To make matters worse, it wasn't the first time Deanna has had to deal with the school's ridiculous dresscode.

"When my oldest daughter was only 12 years old, I was called to the school to have a little conference with all of the teachers, which was really just an excuse for me to be put in the middle of a circle with all her teachers telling me that my 12-year-old daughter was showing too much cleavage," she said.

"They said that her shirts were cut too low, and that she needed to get a camisole or a modesty panel. I was absolutely dumbfounded."

12 YEARS OLD! Again...

Plz America, sort this nonsense out.

Eventually, girls started to revolt.

"The days that followed, Josephina and her friends decided to start a mini feminist revolution," she said. "She plastered the inside of the school with posters they had made damning the gender bias and stupidity of the dresscode. They had T-shirts made, too. One day, they all decided to wear midriff shirts. There were so many of them that the school couldn't keep up."

Eventually, Deanna decided the school wasn't fit for her daughter, and when Josephina made her case to be home-schooled, she won.

Teaching the valuable lessons in life, that school is.