This guy’s iPhone exploded in his pocket and naturally the results weren’t pretty

Here’s how you can make sure it doesn’t happen to you.

By Amber Manto

There’s no doubt about it, we all love our phones just a little bit too much. But did you know they can actually turn on you and explode?

That’s what happened to one Sydney guy, Gareth, who was out riding his bike on the weekend with his iPhone in his back pocket. After losing balance and taking a tumble the iPhone literally exploded, burning through his shorts and causing third-degree burns on his thigh.


"I just saw smoke coming out of my back pocket... and then all of a sudden I felt this surging pain," he told The Sydney Morning Herald.

Apparently this happened because of the lithium battery.

While these types of batteries are generally pretty safe, a spokesman for the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) told the newspaper they're susceptible to overheating and, when coupled with physical impact, things can go very wrong very fast.

Basically, moral of the story, if you don’t this to happen to you the ACCC recommends you don’t put your phone in your pocket if there’s even a slight chance of causing major impact to it. Stay safe, guys.