This Harry Potter doppelgänger is more Harry Potter than Harry Potter is himself

He defs drank some Polyjuice potion.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If you think about Harry Potter, you probs imagine Daniel Radcliffe. If you have read the books (who hasn't?) then you'll probably understand the actors are slightly (a lot) better looking than they were portrayed on paper.

For Harry, he was a geeky boy with geeky glasses. Daniel Radcliffe is a BAE.COM with his scruff and blue eyes and dayyummm.

Of course, that's Daniel IRL today. When he played Harry years and years ago, he looked more like how he should. BUT, when meeting a HP doppelgänger just recently, fans realised how much Daniel Radcliffe doesn't look like Harry and how much this kid does.

LOL! The caption from Reddit user bobits reads: "My son looks more like Harry Potter than Harry Potter..." and we couldn't agree more.

If the wizarding world has taught us anything though, puberty with a dash of magic has outstanding results. So this kid may be onto something great here. Expecto much hotness.