Havaianas finally answer the burning question: What colour are these thongs?

We're done pretending we don't care.

By Natasha Harding
Twitter thong debate

No matter how good you think you are at life, our ongoing fascination with optical illusions proves we never really grow up.

Case in point: The black+blue/white+gold dress, or the shiny legs illusion and more recently, these thongs.

Last week @positivedemi poked the Twitter bear when she shared this snap of a pair of thongs and asked what colour they were.

And this chick’s response spoke for all of us:

But then we couldn’t fight the inner conflict and had to read up on all the theories.

Some said the thongs were blue and gold.

Others put their foot down and said they were clearly white and gold.

While another crew swore blind that the shoes are blue and black.

As always, one guy pointed out the camera was to blame but we didn’t come here for logic.

Then Havaianas agreed to put us out all of our misery and answered the damn question.

Drumroll please.

"Havaianas have confirmed the official colouring is navy blue and blue," Pedestrian TV reports.

As for the skeptics, here’s the pic to prove it.

So there you have it, another one of the great optical illusions solved and a tonne of built-up frustration.