This "High School Musical" fan theory will blow your mind


After Disney, Harry Potter and Pixar have had their fair share of fan theories, it seems the internet has now turned to High School Musical, and this one changes EVERYTHING.

You know how the kids at East High School can rock up to class whenever they want, put on extravagant musical numbers in the middle of their lessons without being reprimanded and kinda trash the school during those said musical numbers…?

Well, a super-observant Reddit user by the name of SkyWasTheRobot, thinks that there is a whole other reason other than ~movie magic~ why these students had so much freedom, and it’s all got to do with a philosophical teaching.

prepare to get lava-level deep

"At the beginning of the second movie, our heroes completely trash their school out of excitement for summer vacation. Nobody questions it or argues against it. Imagine how [annoyed] the janitor or principal must have been, but the characters don't even get a detention or have to clear up after themselves. In reality, those kids probably would have been put on mandatory community service.”

SkyWasTheRobot goes on to explain that this kind of freedom without repercussions or even a single detention is known as The Social Contract. Basically, this is an agreement put in place in order for society to work together. For example, you won’t take you brothers iPhone charger so he won’t take yours.

The user finally points out the most obvious factor making this theory look seriously legit, when Troy ~magically~ gets into Julliard, despite not even applying, but later learns that Mrs Darbus forged his signature (#felony) and sent in the application.

We’re just thankful that the kids of East High School dedicated the three movies to singing about their feelings instead of robbing the canteen.