There's a pretty neat way Facebook is showing how many 'likes' you've given out this year

How much love were you feelin' towards your peers this year?

By Bianca Mastroianni
Facebook shows how many likes you give out in a year

After a long, hard day of school the most mind-numbing thing to do is get on that couch and scroll through your Facebook.

If you're a generous friend, you'll throw out the 'likes' to all your pals.

If you've logged onto FB recently, which we can almost guarantee you have, you may have noticed the Year in Review video that pops up. It's a montage of your social media highlights from 2016.

It's basically the cutest way to see how you spent your year, and don't be ashamed if there are many selfies. We're all in the same boat.

You may have been too busy looking at how damn awesome you looked in those particular selfies, to notice a lil' thing pop up and tell you how many likes, and reactions you've given out...

So, how many did you give out? Let us know, so we don't sit here feeling bad about spending a lot of our year giving out over 4,000 likes. 3,500 which were probs to our crush...