IRL Ezra just made the most adorable comments about his proposal to Aria and we can't

#EZRIA for days.

By Bianca Mastroianni

Before you read on to the most adorable thing of all time, we must warn you that SPOILERS for Pretty Little Liars lie ahead.

But for realz if you haven't watched it by now get to it because this scene is a doozy we tells ya.

When Ezra Fitz proposed to Aria, the show left it at the biggest cliff-hanger EVER but thankfully we can all breathe easier now because she said YAS!!

Ugh, when an actor ships her own TV relationship we die.

Ian Harding (IRL Ezra) has many feelings about the proposal too, telling The Hollywood Reporter, it was bound to happen. Duh.

"I totally expected it at this point in their relationship. I knew it was going that way and Marlene [King] mentioned it months and/or years ago that was the way we’re going and that we’d see if anything changes. Ezra is a hopeless romantic and there’s so much craziness happening in their lives," he said.

"With A.D. or 'A' or Uber A or the Emoji King or whoever it is out there, they just want something solid. It’s a symbol of the solidity they offer each other and that’s why they did it at this time… but now, in season seven, I’m jaded."

GAH, we have waited so damn long for this.