Instagram's new update has just made stalking your crush SO FREAKING GOOD

Creep 'til your heart's content.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Instagram introduces bookmarking feature

Love a good Instagram stalk?

Who doesn't enjoy sitting on their butt and basking in the glorious feeds their crush, or sending multiple pics of your nemesis to your BFF?

Well, instead of 'liking' every damn pic, or even screenshotting because that's now become impossible without the person knowing... there's a new way to stalk 'til your heart's content that is so, sooo good.

Instagram has introduced a new feature that is sort of similar to saving Snapchat memories, or 'saving' a Facebook post.

You can now bookmark a photo and it will save in a separate tab on your profile. And yes, it's private, for your eyes only.

This has just made Instagram so much more addictive. Ugh, and we're expected to socialise this season?!