Instagram has changed AGAIN and we are not coping

It's a no from us.

By Amber Manto

Insty has changed and it’s safe to say none of us are coping. Sure we were given warning a few weeks ago that the Insta gods were gonna be rolling out some design changes soon but we were still not emotionally ready for this.

Anyone who’s set their apps to update automatically would have had trouble finding Insta this morning coz not only has the actual design within the app changed, the logo has too:

Gone is that hipster brown camera and retro navy design, and in its place is this throwback which is giving us serious Powerpoint '97 gradient vibes.

Appaz the minimalist monochrome design within the app is meant to highlight your pics more... but too bad if your page is B+W cause you're gonna have to rethink YOUR design now.

When asked to justify the change, Insta had this to say:

"The Instagram community has evolved over the last five years [...] Our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become."

Righteo then. Well at least the order in which we see photos hasn't changed... yet.

And like every time FB, Insta and Snappy decides to go and change on us, we're sure we'll learn to love it eventually. Just not today.

#RIP hipster Insta, it's been real.