Instagram's new feature will make life a lot harder for bullies

Nice move, Insty.

By Amber Manto

Instagram is not about the bullying lyf and is doing everything in their power lately to make the app safer than a hug from your BFF.

First they gave us all the option to disable comments completely which is cool and all but when you’ve posted a ~fiah~ selfie you kinda want those read those nice comments from your BFF doncha?

Enter comment filtering: aka the greatest upgrade the app has ever experienced. It’ll allow you to hide inappropriate words or phrases that Instagram picks up, or you can create your own custom keywords if, like Taylor Swift, your Insta is suddenly getting bombarded with snake emojis or something.

That’s right guys this is the very same tool Insta was testing out when #SnapchatGate went down a couple months back between Kimye and Tay, and they used Taylor Swift’s snake-tarnished account as their guinea pig to make sure it worked. Lucky for us, it did.

Not so lucky for trolls though. Soz about it.

Kevin Systrom, CEO and co-founder of Instagram, had this to say about the fancy new feature:

Amazing stuff, cheers Kev. We can call you that, yeah?