Instagram is going to start telling us what to watch

And we're not even mad about it.

By Grace Back

It looks like the social media wars continue. It’s only been three weeks since Instagram sneakily introduced ‘Instagram Stories’, and people couldn’t help but notice the similarities to Snapchat’s feature, ‘My Story’.

Now in another cheeky move, Insta is about to out-Snapchat, Snapchat.

Instagram will now recommend stories from users you don’t follow, personalized to your interests. The recommended stories will pop up on the Explore page, which already recommends you personalized photos and videos you might like.

According to TechCrunch, Instagram says 100 million people visit its Explore page every day, which is a whole third of the apps daily active users.

"We’re excited to bring stories to Explore in the coming weeks," an Instagram representative said. "Explore is where people go to discover new accounts to follow and content to enjoy."

Look out Snapchat, Insta is seriously upping its game. #RIPSnapchat.