The WORST Instagram change has happened and none of us even noticed

We was punked.

By Amber Manto

Don’t mean to alarm you but something else MAJOR happened to Instagram yesterday.

While we were all distracted by the crazy colours of the new logo, it appears Insty pulled a fast one on us and did what they warned they were gonna do but maybe not do – they changed the order in which we see photos.

This was despite the fact even big celebs like Kendall and Kylie were dead-set against this new and unfair algorithm.

No longer are pics sorted by chronological order, you will now see pics in order of popularity. So if you post an epic pic of your cat and it gets two measly hearts, it may never show up in your other friends' feeds.

Obviously, this sucks big time as us ppl who have a ~selective following~ on Insta may get even less likes now.

Naturally the Twittersphere was pretty salty Instagram had been so sneaky about doing this:

You have two options from here:

1: If you were one of the unlucky ones whose apps update automatically (soz) then you'll just have to work on upping your IG-game so your likes don't slip.

2: If your apps do not update automatically then DO NOT UPDATE THE APP.

Quite simple really. It should also be noted that not EVERYONE has been affected. Some people who have updated the app are still seeing their feed in chronological order. So whether Insta is just testing the waters to see how much we really hate this new algorithm, or is playing games to mess with our emotions we don't know.

But unless they plan on changing the name of INSTA-gram to RANDOM-gram, we'll have no part in this nonsense.