This Instagram hack legit changes EVERYTHING!

If the Kardashian's use it then so can we.

By Bianca Mastroianni
This Instagram filter hack is everything

By now you may have ~perfected~ your IG selfie editing routine, down to the amount of contrast you apply and your top five filters... but we bet you never thought to add THIS to your pics.

We guarantee your selfie game will improve, and we aren't wrong because the Kardashian's swear by it.

Their makeup artist Patrick Ta has revealed that the perf selfie relies on this filter: the red shadow tone.

You can find it in the colour editing section of Insta, and it basically will make your pic look as dreamy as this:

To test it out, we did a lil experiment of two pics from Hailey Baldwin's Insta. Here are the results:

Popsugar has reported that the the reason why Patrick loves the filter so much is because it "elevates the visibility of your makeup and leaves your complexion bronzed and luminous."

Not gonna lie, we do love the effect it's leaving on the above pics. And the best thing about it is that there is a lever for how much of the red you want to use.

The best part is that today is International Photo Day so you have that excuse to take ten zillion selfies and test this filter out.