Australian Instagram star had a stalker follow her around the world and copy ALL her photos

This is actually really scary.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Instagrammer Lauren Bullen was followed around the world

Sure, we spend a lot of time on the 'explore' page of Instagram, seeking inspo from fashion bloggers and seeing amazing places people travel to, but to copy one person's photos to the exact anklet she is wearing is BEYOND creepy.

Australian blogger Lauren Bullen, who has the Instagram account @GypseaLust recently went travelling with her boyfriend Jack Morris, of whom they shared an Instagram page called @DoYouTravel, which has nearly 2 million followers.

While traveling to gorgeous, exotic parts of the world (taking bloody brilliant pics), they were notified about a copy-cat profile that was FOLLOWING them and taking the

Lauren addressed the issue on her blog, saying how it is not okay to steal someone's art, and how shocked she was to find out it was happening.

“I understand seeking inspiration from what I do - and I love that, but this truly shocked me… at first I thought it was all photoshopped and had to take screen shots to compare the two.”

Yeah, this is creepy.

Lauren has since updated her blog post, since it has gained a lot of attention, and the copy-cat has been labelled "stalker" by thousands of people. She has asked to not abuse the other girl, and that she has gotten in contact with her and has received an apology...

BRB while we set our profiles to PRIVATE, no matter that we have about 50 followers compared to their 2mil.