Instagram stories has two new features, just became more Snapchat than Snapchat

RIP Snappy.

By Amber Manto

Was only two weeks ago that Instagram snuck into the Snapchat offices and stole their app blueprint.

Okay, that didn’t actually happen but Insta did introduce its Stories feature, which was basically Snapchat 2.0, or InstaSnap – we haven’t decided what to call it yet.

Now, in another cheeky move, Insta has out-Snapchatted Snapchat, stealing a couple more of their features coz why the hell not hey?

It’s introduced a zoom camera feature and the ability to double-tap to switch between the front and back cameras while filming. Basically making it a whole lot easier to use.

It’s only a matter of time before it adds augmented reality filters… only a matter of time.RIP Snapchat, it’s been real. #Thx4TheMemories