This new Instagram feature will actually change everything


By Bianca Mastroianni

It seems like there are new features jumping out at us left, right and centre lately and trust us, we are NOT complaining.

The more the merrier basically.

Instagram basically just stole Snapchat's main feature; "Stories" and yeh, it was a cop-out (but again, we aren't complaining.) Now though, there's another feature going through testing and we gotta say... it's the best one yet.

Scenario: you get a photo all ready in Instagram. Perfect contrast levels, the best filter ever, juuuust the right amount of 'exposure' and it's looking DAMN lit. Then you realise it's not the peak posting time and you have two options: screenshot it to save for later (and lose some of its HD quality), or risk quickly posting it and deleting so it saves in your camera roll.

Both pose major problems, right?! Well Insta has basically solved that prob.

Yep, you'll be able to save your edited pic as a draft!


According to Mashable the draft pics will be saved in a separate album to your camera roll.

An Insta rep told the publication, "We're always testing new ways to improve the Instagram experience."

Many thanks IG.