An IRL invisibility cloak be a reality in our lifetime and Merlin's beard!

Muggles are brilliant.

By Erin Cook
Ever wondered: Are invisibility cloaks real?

Hands up if you spent your 11th birthday waiting for an acceptance letter from Hogwarts.

You did? Us too!

If we’re really being honest, we also hoped that we’d get our hands on an invisibility cloak once we finally made it past the Whomping Willow and into the Great Hall.

So, apparently Harry Potter isn’t real. (Who’d have thunk it?!) BUT, the science behind an invisibility cloak is pretty legit.

According to this handy video by Life Noggin, there are a few different ways that scientists could make an invisibility cloak a reality in our lifetimes. (Spoiler: it has a lot to do with wavelengths.)

Prepare to be ~amazed~.

Science, huh?