6 awesome features you'll love about the new iPhone update

iOS 10 is gonna be the best update yet.

By Amber Manto

The new iOS 10 update for iPhone/Ipad was announced overnight in the US and seriously, it has SO many goddam cool features that we'd be here all night if we were to list them all. So let's countdown our top 7 instead.

1. Handwritten messages: so you can add draw your texts. Which is how it always should have been.

2. Emoji-based predictive text: Coz your phone should know your love for the tea cup and frog emojis by now. It'll also give you the option to turn words into an emoji. So if you type "love", you'll have the option to replace it with the love-heart or a similar emoji...

3. Spam calls will be automatically detected: No more getting tricked into hearing about the latest phone plan offer when you were just expecting Mum to call.

4. Opening the camera will no longer pause music All we can say is: ABOUT TIME. No longer will 1D suffer coz you wanna snap a pic.

5: There will be flashlight intensity settings (low, medium, high): So no more being blinded on your way to the toilet in the night. It's the little things.

6. You can delete those annoying default apps: This is perhaps the best feature of the whole update. You can get rid of the Stocks and Compass apps to make actual space for ya know, pictures of your family and friends.

There’s 23 you can wave goodbye to:

iOS 10 will be available to download from around September sometime.