iPhone 7 leaked pics show BIG changes that we love and hate

Pretty colours, not-so-pretty features.

By Bianca Mastroianni

TBH it's pretty hard to keep up with the latest and greatest from Apple, but the newest iPhone 7 is set to be released in early September and we are keen as hell.

It's always a guessing game as to whether the phone will be round or square, or whether there will be new exciting colours. Most importantly, how good is the camera and what are the new features!?

The below post is a pic that was posted a while ago, stemmed from rumours of a "Space Black" phone, but unfortunately for all you monochrome addicts this won't be the case.

The photos below show four iPhone 7 models and they are the typical, Space Grey, Silver, Rose Gold and Gold. Sigh. Still obsessed with that rose gold though.

We can also see that the shape has remained the same as the iPhone 6, which is good for sliding in and out of our pockets we guess?! (The phone legit looks the same...)

BUT CHECK THAT CAMERA. It looks massive. We can only hope that the front-facing camera is just as amazing because who even uses the back camera other than for catching Pokemon??

Our selfie game is in dire need.

The leaked vid also shows something we are particularly annoyed about. In the vid, they flip the phone up so we can see the bottom, where the speakers, charger and headphones go... and BAM no headphone jack.

This basically confirms the rumours that Apple plans on getting rid of the headphone jack altogether, meaning you will have to buy bluetooth headphones or get Apple exclusive headphones that will connect somewhere on the phone. Le sigh. Just take our soul next why don't ya?