This new iPhone feature will make your selfies even more #slayin

Epic game changer.

By Bianca Mastroianni

One of the best things that usually comes from new iPhone's are their improved cameras. We say best because who doesn't have about five thousand selfies saved on their camera roll right now?


The newest feature in the iPhone 7 goes by the name of ~Portrait~, set out to improve your selfies (that probs didn't even need improving, right?)

Apple's marketing head Phil Schiller announced that the new camera features put them in competition with swanky DSLR camera's, due to the second camera on the phone and ~new flash features~. Sounds legit.

What's even more fascinating about the new camera features is that you can now manipulate the depth of your photos. Meaning you can blur out the background capturing intense detail in the foreground. We told you, game changing.

Your Instagram aesthetic is about to be so much more lit.

The features are limited to the iPhone 7, and you'll have to download the iOS 10.1 to be able to use it.