ALL the features you need to know about the new iPhone 7 released today

Time to upgrade?

By Emma Akam

Earlier today the newest features of much-anticipated iPhone 7 were released by Apple CEO Tim Cook in San Francisco. After months of speculation we can finally put all the rumours to rest. Although the iPhone 7 is only available for pre-order, we are already excited about these features.

1. Battery life

iPhones are notorious for having batteries that don't last (maybe because we are always on them), but the new iPhone 7 lasts an extra two hours compared to the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 7 Plus will last an hour longer then the iPhone 6 Plus. That is great news for all of us!

2. Slapsh, water and dust resistance

Everyone who owns an iPhone has an unfortunate story that involves water. It has happened to us all. The iPhone 7 offers splash, water and dust resistance to help us avoid those ~close calls~, however this doesn't mean it is completely water proof - only more protected when exposed to liquid.

3. Upgraded camera and dual camera

The iPhone 7's new back-facing camera is 12-megapixels and offers an image stabilization system to improve all your Insta-worthy photos. Whilst, the iPhone 7 Plus now offers a "dual-camera system" to improve picture quality and optimise images by automatically adjusting the camera settings. Important news for our selfies, the front-facing camera has been upgraded to 7-megapixels. Snapchat filters never looked better!

4. iOS 10

iOS 10 is the latest version of Apple's iPhone operating system and will be available with the new iPhones. The new software will be available for download on older iPhone models on September 13. New features include over 100 new emojis, a bedtime setting and the ability to draw your texts! Check the rest out here.

5. Colours

With the new iPhone, Apple are releasing two new colours and we're obsessed. These include a black in matte finish and a high-gloss jet black.

6. Storage

Apple has decided to ditch the 16GB model of the iPhone. Now the 32GB version will be the lowest storage you can buy. More space for pictures of your brunh #basic.

7. Wireless headphones

After many rumours about Apple removing the headphone jack, they've actually done it! The new AirPods, priced at $229, allow you to wirelessly listen to your music! Magically music automatically plays when you put them in and pauses when you take them out. To adjust the volume, change the song, or make a call you need to activate Siri. Although Apple is trying to make you buy the new earphones, you can still listen with your current ones by using the included headphone jack adapter.

8. Higher processing power

The new iPhones come with the A10 Fushion Chip that allows for double the processing power for the iPhone 6. The chip will help to reduce the amount of battery needed to perform low-energy tasks such as sending a text or taking a photo.

9. Home Button

The Home Button on the new iPhone features a 'Taptic Engine', which for us means a pressure sensitive panel rather than a button like previous iPhone models. The Touch ID system has also been upgraded but improve the speech of fingerprint recognition.

10. Price

The new iPhones are released in Australia on September 16 with the iPhone 7 costing $1079 and the iPhone 7 Plus costing $1269. Each model will come with storage options of 32GB, 128GB and 255GB. However the jet black finish will not be available in 32GB.

We #NEED it. ASAP.