More features of the iPhone 7 have been leaked

You'll either love these or hate them.

By Amber Manto

As the date for the offish iPhone release draws closer, the rumour mill is certainly getting a good cranking about what we can all expect.

Last anyone heard the earphone jack was getting removed, there was a possibility a headphone dongle adapter might be a reality and even speculation blue was going to be added to the iPhone colour palette and even another size.

Now, sources over at Bloomberg have thrown more fuel on the rumour fire, giving a solid run-down of what they know:

1. The headphone jack will be removed but replaced with an extra speaker so you can play music louder. #MixedEmotions

2.* Say goodbye to the home button as you know it. There will be one of sorts but it will “respond to pressure with a vibrating sensation” rather than an actual push, similar to the trackpads on the latest MacBooks.

3. There will be two cameras but unlike now where there's one on the front and one on the back, these cameras will work together, capturing the same frame and merging the results together to create sharper, clearer and more colour-rich images. They will be particularly good at taking pics in low light (we all know the struggle there). This will only be available on the bigger phones though.

Well that concludes today's episode of "Things which may or may not be true about the new iPhone". Guess we'll find out for sure on September 16 - although that date is another rumour so don't mark your calendar just yet.