WHAT?! The iPhone has a secret one-handed keyboard

Yay for surprises!

By Sammy Stewart
The iPhone has a secret one-handed keyboard

The feeling of finding an unopened Cherry Ripe at the bottom of your bag can only be described as pure happiness.

This feeling has often been likened to discovering incredible things you never knew about your beloved iPhone. Today's suprise finding? Apparently all this time your iPhone had a ~secret~ one-handed keyboard you never even knew about til now.

Developer Steve Troughton-Smith recently came across the ~hidden~ code for a one-handed keyboard in Apple's iOS by hacking an iOS Simulator, and reckons it's been there ALL THIS DAMN TIME.

The hack apparently pushes the entire QWERTY keyboard to either the left of right and allows your to type away while sipping your Starbucks and working to remote. In other words; with ONE HAND!

So how do we access this wizardry? Well, according to Steve, you gotta be a bit of a tech-wiz and it's not as easy as it looks.

Pretty neat, huh?!