There's a very real possibility iPhone screens will be getting a dramatic makeover

There's paperwork and paperwork don't lie.

By Amber Manto

Less than 24 hours after a bunch of rumours about the iPhone 7 were leaked another Apple development has been come to light.

In the spirit of all the tech copying that’s been going on lately (we’re looking at you Insty and FB) it seems Apple has taken a page out of Zuckerberg’s book and pinched one of Samsung's ideas.

Future iPhones could have curved screens just like, you guessed it, Samsungs.

Apple registered a patent for the technology last April, which was made public yesterday.

Apple’s version is slightly different though with options for the sides of the screen to display virtual buttons, or house a notification centre. In other words the home button might not be a physical push button, it could be a virtual button on the side screen.

Before you get all pumped that one of your fave Samsung features is coming to an iPhone near you, this technology isn't expected to be available for a while... if ever.

While it’s already been #confirmed Apple is switching to a thinner, clearer, more flexible type of material for its screens which has the ability to be made curved, production for said screens is slow so the soonest you’ll see them is 2017, reports Bloomberg. In other words, it won't be part of the new iPhone 7.

Also, Apple file a bunch of patents on new technology all the time that it never ends up using so there's a very real possibility it'll ditch this idea altogether.