Is this Instagram girl real or an IRL sim?

The Internet is divided over whether this Instagram girl is real or not.

By Erin Cook

It appears that we’re living in a world where it’s virtually impossible to tell what’s real, what’s been digitally altered and what’s just plain ol’ fake.

Case in example: Instagram user Lil Miquela.

This account – @lilmiquela – has over 65 thousand followers and not one of them can tell for sure whether the user is a real person or not. That’s quite a following for someone who’s only been on Instagram for 14 weeks.

Take one scroll through Lil Miquela’s feed and you’ll be able to tell that the photos aren’t 100% real. But are they just altered? Or is it the case of a really good filter? Perhaps the account is run by a graphic designer who’s been giving her happy snaps a quick once over before posting.

Instagram user @corinne.alexander said, “She is a graphic designer and edits her pictures to be like this #sheisreal.”

While @isabelle.kruger thinks she’s solved the dilemma. “Not real. You can tell by the hair you guys... It never changes its place and if you see the blurring at the bangs and the hair how it looks "moving" but in an animated way,” she said.

Others seem to think that it’s a big publicity stunt. One user, @Chillcolin commented, “She is a video game/ graphic designer. She does this on purpose. Rumour has it, she is doing something for sims 5.”

TBH, I don't know what to think anymore. I mean, it's obviously fake but how fake, you know?