Josh Hutcherson teases a ‘Hunger Games’ reunion

May the odds be ever in your favour… once again.

By Matt Galea
Josh Hutcherson discusses a ‘Hunger Games’ reunion

With revivals, reboots and reunions coming at us left, right and centre, all eyes are on our fave franchises as we await a reunion announcement.

And if, like us, you were ~obsessed~ with the Hunger Games franchise, we low-key may have the BEST news for you!

Speaking to Variety, the IRL Peeta Mellark, Josh Hutcherson revealed that he would be so down to return to Panem again!

"If it felt natural and right and not like a milking-the-cow money grab then I would for sure be down. I have no qualms at all about that—as long as they don't create some bad story so they can make some more money,” he explained.

Good answer, Joshy!

We are total believers in revivals and reboots, but ONLY if they’re done right.

Josh's co-star, Sam Claflin has also expressed his interest in revisiting the Hunger Games, but as a prequel.

"I think there's so many juicy elements to this story, elements that people want to know more about," he told E! News. "I think telling the story of how the Hunger Games first started, that to me is interesting."

He continued: "To see Woody Harrelson's character do his Hunger Games? I think it really really is something that could be done."

Yas, Finnick, YAS!

Josh Hutcherson recently released a short-film called Ape by his very own production company where he has taken on the impressive roles of both actor and director.

“It was waiting until it felt right and this came across as a crossing point between those two factors: me always wanting to direct and now finally confident enough to do it, and this project sort of came in to my life,” he said of the project.

Meanwhile, we would just LOVE to see Katniss, Peeta and Gale pick up where they left off. Because we just knew those crazy kids couldn’t live their lives in peace and harmony forever!