This is what Mean Girls' junior queen bee of the ~plastics~ looks like now

She was basically Regina George 2.0.

By Bianca Mastroianni

2016 has unexpectedly brought back Mean Girls in so many ways, and we're eternally grateful.

We've seen the Mathlete geek turn into a regulation hottie, a Mean Girls inspired makeup palette, and even hopes of a sequel come from the main cast themselves!

We welcome any MG news with open arms, like today's special: a ~where is she now~ of the next generation plastics: Regina George 2.0.

Remember them? They brought a whole new level of fear with their intense strut.

Focusing on the queen bee in the middle, played by Tara Shelley, she's like, really pretty now (duh).

In IRL she continued to act, working on a number of movies and TV shows including Nickelodeon's movie series Roxy Hunter.

She also has an adorbz dog and we #CannotDeal.