Kendall reveals 3 things that she'd love to ~steal~ from Kylie's house

You're defs gonna want all 3!

By Matt Galea

The Kardashian-Jenner siblings always ~treat~ us to a sneak peek into their decadent homes via social media and of course their reality show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Show of hands: who has ever seen something in one of the girls’ houses that they desperately want?

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Yep, us too!

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And it turns out that despite the millions of dollars that she owns, Kendall Jenner has spotted some unmentionables in Kylie’s house that she’d looooooooove to knock off.

In a new blog post on her hit website, Kendall revealed that these valuables are on her must-steal-list…

#1. Her puppies.

”The first thing I would go for is ALL her puppies!” Kendall explained. "Mew needs friends.”

Mew is Kenny’s pooch that Kylie gave her for Christmas.

#2. Fam photos.

"Kylie also has a bunch of photos of the family blown up" that she’d love to nab.

TBH, we'd low-key love to have huge Kardashian fam photos in our homes as well!

#3. Either her sick skillz or her sick threads.

Kenny’s third item that she wants to steal was ”a tie between [Kylie's] beauty skills and endless supply of hoodies and tracksuits."

Ugh, how about both!?

Glad to know we're not the only ones envious of the sisters.

The sisters seem to be envious of each other!

Now that's true sisterhood <3