This LGBTQ Christmas ornament is *really* offending people

We think they're cute tbh.

By Bianca Mastroianni
This same-sex Christmas nativity bauble is offending people

It ain't Christmas/2016/every day life unless someone is getting highly offended, right?

This case comes in the form of a Christmas ornament.

The ornament shows a same-sex Joseph looking after baby Jesus during the nativity scene, and anti-gay Christian groups are NOT HAPPY!

The Sun reports that a representative from Christian Concern is furious over the ornament.

We can guess they're just as mad at the Virgin Mary depiction too...

"These decorations are a desperate and ridiculous attempt to pretend that homosexual relationships are pure and holy," wrote Christian Concern chief executive Andrea Williams. "They blasphemously portray the Lord Jesus being parented by a homosexual couple. What depths will the LGBT lobby stoop to in order to try and normalize their behavior?"

"God's design is for children to grow up with a male and a female parent. The Lord Jesus was parented in this way, and this is what is best for children," Williams continued. "The LGBT lobby is not interested in the welfare of children but only in pursuing its own selfish agenda. Trying to rewrite the Christmas story is their latest self-deception."

The ornaments are made by California artist Mark Thaler who has defended himself, and the baubles.

"It's just an image," Thaler said according to The Daily Mail. "They need to focus on themselves and not worry about what everyone else is doing."

'Tis the season to be jolly.