Here's how you can give your mum the Kris Jenner treatment this Mother's Day

Make her a video for under $10.

By Amber Manto

Bit scrimped for cash this Mother's Day? Completely forgot it even IS Mother's Day soon? It's this Sunday, May 8th FYI. If you're after a pretty amazing gift your mum will love that's not going cost you all the money Nan has ever sent you then do as the Kardashians/Jenner sisters do and make her a video.

Remember when they filmed that tribute vid for her 60th birthday?

Bit lame? Sure. But will Mum love and cherish it? Hells yes. Plus you'll score major points for effort that's coz mums are all about that.

So how do you even go about it? Well you don't need much more than your iPhone, an editing app, and your creativity.


1. Splice (Free)

This app allows you to create videos and slideshows with no length limits, watermarks, or ads (yay!). It includes free filters, songs, sound effects, text overlays, transitions and precise editing tools.

1. 8mm Vintage Camera ($2.99)

This is legit an Oscar-worthy app. No really, 8mm was used by director Malik Bendjelloul in his Oscar-winning film Searching for Sugar Man. Anyways, this app captures the beauty and magic of old-school vintage movies with dust and scratch effects, retro colors, flickering, light leaks and even frame shakes.

1. Cinamatic ($4.99)

This app lets you create ~beautiful~ short films. Record multiple clips, add a soundtrack, merge clips, rearrange segments and choose from a stack of cool filters to make your mini movie.

1. Nutshell Camera (Free)

Want to make it short and sweet? Just snap photos, add some fun cartoons and captions, and then turn it all into a shareable mini-movie. It's easy-to-use and free and we're all about that life.

1. iMovie ($7.99)
This is the Rolls Royce of iPhone editing apps but does cost the most cashola. However most newer iPhones will already have this video editing app so you may not have to pay anything. iMovie lets you shoot video, add music and text as well as a bunch of effects. You can even add pre-filmed videos from your photo library.


That's why we have put together a list of...


1. The Golden Rule? Shoot in landscape! Most screens have a landscape orientation so you want your films to be the same.

2. Control your exposure manually - lighten or darken videos in the preview pane with a simple slide. Tapping your screen will reveal a little sun icon. Move the sun up or down to tweak the exposure easily.

3. Speed it up with Time-lapse. The iPhone Time-lapse feature lets you capture the sun rising from your bedroom window, or Mum scurrying around the house but in seemingly fast motion. Just set up your iPhone to shoot what you want. Swipe to select Time-lapse mode, tap the record button and let camera record as long as you choose.

4. Slow it right down with Slo-Mo. The iPhone lets you record yourself somersaulting into the pool or your Mum’s daggy dance moves but with extra drama. Want to take a picture while you're recording? Grab it by tapping the white circle to the left of the record button.

5. Don’t have fancy accessories? No problem! You can make an iPhone tripod with something as simple as a matchbox. Just slide the matchbox open and cut two small slits on each side. Then just slot your iPhone in and slide the matchbox shut until your iPhone is secure and stable.

6. The rule of thirds for photography composition also applies to film composition. Think about framing a subject with the rule of thirds to make it more visual appealing. The iPhone can give you composition guidelines to help get things just right.

7. Experiment with different angles. The iPhone is compact so you can get all sorts of access and points of view - anything from gripping it to a bike for a street view, or setting it on a window sill up high so get creative!

Have fun!

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