UPDATE: Marina joyce has FINALLY explained what was really going on with #SaveMarinaJoyce

The creepy things that have been happening on this girl's YouTube and social media accounts have called for an investigation.

By Bianca Mastroianni
Marina Joyce

UPDATE: 29/07

In what might be the ~breakthrough~ of the century, we FINALLY can kinda rest easy tonight because YouTuber Marina Joyce has had a chance to explain what the heck is really going on.

ICYMI (see below) the internet got deep into the mystery surrounding YouTuber Marina Joyce. After noticing strange occurrences in Marina's normally chirpy videos such as finding weird objects in the background and making some ~grim~ discoveries, fans naturally assumed the worst.

When Marina originally attempted to address what the deal was in a live stream, she was abruptly cut off, which just added to mystery. However Marina - and it's actually her - has spoken to The Sun and reassured her fans all is well.

"The first I knew of it was when I saw the hashtag trending and people started to get worried.​"

"People really care about me and it went crazy and blew up. People out there are really kind.

"I care about my YouTube channel and after this I have got lots more viewers which is really good. But I am really OK. There are no ISIS terrorists here."

"I just woke up one morning and the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce was happening everywhere," she recalled. "It is incredible what people have done. They have helped my channel so much now."

Umm, #NotThePointBabes

"I now know that if I'm ever really in trouble or in danger then my YouTube viewers will be there for me. It is sad to waste police time but clearly they care too." THANK GOODNESS.

But that still doesn't explain why the heck she had a rifle in her room/a creepy hockey mask reflection in her eye...

Marina added: "I love my viewers caring so much for me. Because of them I will never be in danger. They all want me to be OK."

Original story 28/07

If you have access to the internet, you may have recently noticed a trending tag on Twitter. #Savemarinajoyce has been all over the web, and if you’re an avid YouTuber then you probably know what’s going on, but if you’re not we’re here to help you understand why this tag has gone viral and how it was pretty damn scary for viewers.

Marina Joyce is a popular YouTuber with over one million subscribers. 1,158,209 to be exact, but a lot of those have accumulated over the past few days, as a full-blown internet investigation has gone down on whether Marina Joyce is in danger or not.

If you want the ~TLDR~ version, basically a young YouTuber posts strange videos hinting at abuse/kidnapping, fans go crazy and start an internet investigation that turns into a major online frenzy, herself and her family confirms she is okay, now people are confused whether it was a publicity stunt or something scary is happening.

If you previously know her YouTube style, she is a quirky 19-year-old girl from North London who describes herself in her bio as a “Sacred moon snowflake cat princess of love. Kindness is my birth right, creator of the 7th dimension.” Yas…

Her videos are known to be happy and genuine, usually about fashion and beauty… but lately her entire attitude has changed and it made people real worried. Let us break it down for you…

Some theories on WTH went down:

~ She was kidnapped and was forced into making strange videos.
~ She was on illegal substances which dramatically altered her behaviour.
~She is in an abusive relationship and is asking for help.
~ This is all a massive hoax, or a publicity stunt.

As much as we would love for it to be a hoax (even though that’s bloody awful to do), the rest of the world believed it to be something much more sinister.

Her mother Cheryl Joyce has spoken to MailOnline about her daughter’s well-being, which basically confirms that she is A-OK, but doesn’t explain the weird behaviour.

“Police have visited and they've seen her and she's fine and well. The gun is a toy gun, one of those BB guns – I've got other children. She's just done a live stream to fans to show she's all right. As for the bruising, we all bruise easily. There's no abusive relationship. It was me speaking in the video. I was filming for her and I whispered 'stand LIKE me' not 'help me'. She's only young, I'm a good mum and I look after her very well. Marina takes things in her stride and she's fine. It's not a publicity stunt, not at all, and I don't think it looks like one. Police have put out their own statement and things are now settling down. We're a private family really, this all just turned into a frenzy.”

In these next videos you'll notice her jittery behaviour, how uncomfortable she looks, and how she keeps looking off behind the camera, as well as the genuine fear in her eyes. EEK!

It was her most recent video, “Date Outfit Ideas”, that sparked the most concern - and we have a few things to point out.


~ 0:08 you can see a piece of paper in the left-hand corner which could be a script.
~ 0:13 there is a faint “help me” that fans have picked up on. Many think it has been edited in by her.
~ 0:13-0:15 you can see a person’s finger pointing at her on the left side of the video, almost like she’s being told what to do.
~ 1:04 you can see insanely large bruises on the back of her arm, and on her back at 1:13.
~ 1:08 her eyes look beyond the camera with fear.

Another strange thing about the video is that she claims to be promoting clothes from the brand STYLEWE, and looking at their site its V obvious these uh... interesting dresses do not exist. They DO exist on the link she put in the description, but it's connection to "STYLEWE" isn't a thing.
Watch the full video here.


~She is talking SUPER fast and keeps repeating herself, and persistently telling everyone she isn’t “on anything”, but her behaviour says otherwise.
~ 4:06 she looks off to the side of the camera.

Watch the full video here.


The first scene is her bedroom, she carries on with her video, switches camera angle halfway through and when it goes back to the room at 1:43 the angle has moved to the side showing a shotgun/rifle leaning against the dresser that we couldn’t see before. This is the same one her mother previously mentioned was fake. Hmm. Seems odd to make it a very clear part of your video while people are genuinely worried for your behaviour, but moving on…

~ 4:31 you hear a car and she looks terrified, and speeds up her talking
~ 4:47 she uses an outro from her older videos, which shows how thin she is now looking (which could be a side-effect of illegal substances.)

Watch the full video here.

As for her social media use, people suspected it was being run by someone other than her at the same time. When a fan asked her if she was okay, she posted “yes”, then “no” quickly afterwards which was swiftly deleted. However, not before someone screen-shotted it though! (bless).

There have also been other strange happenings on her Twitter…

A fan even zoomed into her eye and found the reflection showed somebody in a ski mask…

Marina has been reading fans' concerned comments, and replied with a simple; “I don’t know what to say :(” which is STRaAaAange.

Police have since been involved on two separate occasions. The first was when a fan remembered her address as a while back Marina did a 100,000 subscriber special, and put her address in the description for fans to send her things. This person got the police to check on that address, but they found out she hadn’t been living there for 3 months…

The second time, Enfield Police tweeted (from an unverified account) that they visited her and she was “safe and well.”

An Instagram page called @helpmarinajoyce dedicated to figuring everything out has now been shut down, adding to everyone’s suspicion.

She has since created a live stream which can be viewed here, assuring fans she is safe and well. Although still fans are questioning it, as her behaviour is just as weird as her other concerning vids.

She invited fans to join her at 6:30am at Bethnal Green (a suburb of London), which got people even more worried it would force followers to a dangerous place.

The end of the live stream ends abruptly, when a fan asked “Is all this because you’ve been feeling down,” and she replied with “I've not been as happy as I have been, but there was something..." Marina said, before the live-stream cut out completely. UMMMM K?!

Another section of her live stream has been uploaded, where she says it has all been a publicity stunt caused by her viewers, not her…

Safe to say we are 3000% confused, and hope it all gets cleared up soon because it’s really sending everyone into a sort of panicked meltdown.

There is an (even more) extensive look into it all here, which explains some of her behaviour in a little bit more detail.

Frankly, we blame aliens…