McDonalds has finally settled a controversial debate regarding their fries

Called it.

By Natasha Harding
McDonalds confirms dipping fries in milkshakes is great

Every Aussie kids remembers going to McDonalds as a kid. Throw it back to wayyyy before the major restaurant makeovers a few years back and the introduction of healthy options (such as apple slices to the kid’s menu), and the Maccas we remember was full of Ronald McD statues to climb and AMAZING Happy Meal toys to break.

In fact, Maccas was so good we remember having our bday there. While we’re on the nostalgic theme, you’ll also the first time your friends introduced you to the genius that is stacking fries in the middle of your Cheeseburgers.

Hell, there was even that one kid who tried persuading you that dunking your chips into your McFlurry was a good idea, although nobody really admitted to being part of the latter underground movement for fear of committing social suicide.

Now McDonalds have officially recognised the masses of rebellious dippers by offering their blessing for peeps to go forth and dip their chips in milkshake and YAS!

Maccas management posted the below pic on Facebook, asking users which is their favourite milkshake flavour to dip their chippies into.

As predicted, the post was met with a fair bit of resistance/disgust.... One commenter wrote, "People dunk their fries in their drink......really??? Besides even if I wanted to do this I wouldn't be able to my fries are gone in seconds!!!! BUT REALLY THOUGH???" and another said, “nearly threw up a little no just no can't ruin a good milkshake or fries hahaha”.

But all was not in vain with some users relieved that they’d FINALLY been recognised by the fast food mogul: "OMG I've been doing this for the past 20 years and every one thought I was really weird so happy there is other weird people out there :) and it's Strawberry for me," one confessed while another revealed, “I only ever have strawberry milkshake and to be honest I've dunked chips nuggets and a big Mac in it. 🙈 ketchup is over rated 😂”

You know what they say: don’t knock it ‘til you try it.

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