Style queen Lilly Van Der Meer explains how to nail your #OOTD every single day

This girl srsly knows how to dress.

By Meg Bellemore

Lilly Van Der Meer, 16, is THE new girl on the block… literally. She’s a new member of the ~fire~ Supré girl gang, Ramsay Street’s latest recruit, Xanthe Canning, and a new neighbour IRL too, having moved from the Gold Coast to Melbourne for filming. Somewhere between getting to know a new city, modelling sweet clothes and snap chatting like a boss, she fits in distance education and curating THE most killer wardrobe ever.

Knit, $45, and jeans, $45, both Supré; Heels, Lilly’s own. Copper fairy lights, $39.95; bean bag cover, $59.99, light-up letters, $39.99 each, rose-gold wire storage baskets, $34.99 each, all from Typo.


In my room you’ll find: A surfboard fin, a rock from the coast, a scented candle and a wall of photo booth pics featuring family and friends. They’re all little reminders of home ─ I’m a very sentimental person.

The best part about being in the Supré girl gang is: Being around such an aspirational bunch! Each of the girl’s stories, varied career paths at such a young age, creativity, and love for what they do is so inspiring. It’s incredibly motivating.

Ace fashion tips I’ve picked up from the girls: Own your unique style and always be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Also, roll your jeans up a little to show off those heels and try knotting your shirt to the front or side ─ adds an extra something!

The style move I regret making: This curly meets dead straight hair 'do I rocked in Year 8. I got my hair stuck in a hairdryer because the back wasn’t attached, it snapped off, and I was left with these short curls on the top of my head. I’d straighten the front bits and add a side plait. I didn’t realise how bad it looked 'til two years later!

Denim shirt, $35, jeans; $35, both Supré; watch, $39.95, Sportsgirl; earrings, $10.95 for set of 5, and bracelet, $9.95 for set of 5, both Forever 21.

The difference between me and Xanthe’s style [her character on Neighbours: She’s very girly, loves tight little tops and purple and pink, whereas I’m more into looser fits, blues and black and white. She does rock some insanely cool dresses from time to time though that I’d definitely wear IRL.

The wardrobe item I’ll never cull: Bikinis! You can never have too many.

In three words my style is: Basic. Fun. Edgy!

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