You can now embrace your inner mermaid in the best.way.ever

Ariel would be proud.

By Bianca Mastroianni

If Ariel from The Little Mermaid didn't give you major mermaid goals when you were younger, then you lyin' to yourself.

We remember the days of tying our ankles together in the pool to pretend we were mermaids, but now there's a waaaay more lazy way to have those aquatic dreams come true. YAS!

Twitter recently blew the hell up over this blanket invention, and we can totes relate.

The mermaid blanket is the new snuggie for your legs and we are basically changing our Facebook relationship to "taken" because we are in love.

The blankets are now on SALE as the first two shipments sold out instantly.

Are you ready to lose your legs to the most mythical blanket that ever did exist? Here's where you can put your allowance toward the best investment EVER.

Literally just...